Our Ethos

Clear, structured, purposeful, independent service!
A professional, friendly service that builds lasting relationships!
A stable company meeting the  needs of its clients for many years to come!

Born out of Atkinson Smith, shaped by ProAktive, coming of age as Ethos Financial Solutions.

The origins of Ethos stretch back to 1975 to the founders Barry Atkinson and Tony Smith. From their Prudential background they founded a general insurance brokerage, with a financial services arm, based in Doncaster and through their endeavours attracted many of the town's large businesses.

Following the retirement of Tony and Barry the business continued to flourish under the strong leadership of Jon Whiteley and Ian Laycock growing 10 fold and picking up many industry awards along the way.

As financial services became ever more demanding and complex, it was agreed that a part management buyout would take place in 2005 as Jon and Ian were stepping away from the day to day running of the business. The whole group re-banded in 2011 to ProAktive and the financial services company became fully owned by the financial services directors in 2014.




2016 turned out to be a pivotal year as the company moved into separate offices, albeit still in ProAktive House. Although a floor apart, it ended forty one years of sharing the same offices which was tinged with some sadness. However the lack of space made it a necessity.

As well as having new offices it became clear that the size of our company, now employing over 20 people, and the services provided suggested a new brand would be needed. And so, as of April 2017, Ethos Financial Solutions Ltd is our new trading name. We are very proud of our long heritage through Atkinson Smith and ProAktive whose foundations are at the heart of Ethos' future.

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