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You Know You Are Getting Old When...


I read this article from Faith Liversedge the other day ( - I like to read her email posts as they seem to be more real world, and this was roughly the thread. It was about “you know you’re getting old when….”

…… it takes a few second to scroll down to your birthdate on a dropdown menu…… your reference for someone famous is David Beckham and more recently……when the person giving you your covid jab looks 12 yrs old!

I smiled at all of these in nervous way, scary isn’t it?

It all sort of crystallised the other day whilst walking my dog, as it sometimes feels like I’m out with David Beckham because of the attention she gets. I mentioned this to my wife and she said I was now showing my age, but If I’m honest I struggled to think of someone else to replace him with, until my daughter mentioned Harry Styles, but he’s not quite the same is he?

Perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo and the recent Euro’s Coke fiasco is the closest to the older but very profitable Beckham marketing machine.

I’m sure there will be someone on Tik Tok or Instagram that would be very acceptable but that’s not my world as I don’t have the ‘App’, probably showing my age again!

Anyway no real reason for the ramblings other than if you are from the Beckham era your are probably nearing your 50's, so have a chat with us about your pension planning. I know it’s a spurious link, but we are about to win the Euros don't you know!!

So come on England, and let that be your prompt to get a handle on your retirement plans especially if you remember the last time we were in an international final!!

Now that would take you a while to scroll down!

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Publish date: 8th July 2021

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