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Why D.I.N.O.s should be prepared for financial shocks

There are times when we can become complacent and think that financial difficulties only affect other people and not us. It is easy to develop the mindset of believing ‘those sorts of things won’t happen to me’. That is, until they do.

If the unexpected did happen, would you be prepared?


If you are not taking care to organise your personal finances periodically, then you may be susceptible to sudden unexpected shocks. One group in particular who should actively be taking action for a rainy day are 'DINO's' a.k.a Double Income No Option. Over three million working couples are now classed as DINOs. These people would be vulnerable to financial ruin if one of them lost their earnings. The reason many working couples are now susceptible to financial shocks is that their lifestyle, more importantly, the cost of lifestyle, has grown to expand into the two incomes. Mortgage payments, car finance payments, schools fees and every additional payment can quickly spiral out of control should the worst happen. 


Learning about Money

Before you can be ‘financially secure’, if there is such a thing, you need to understand the subject of personal finance and money. Many people within the UK were not taught about money at school and can be at a disadvantage of having little to no knowledge. If this is you it may be time to get help and this is where an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) can step in. An IFA can begin to take stock of your personal finances that can be organised and planned around your personal needs. They can help you to understand your money within the context of your own particular circumstances.


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Publish date: 9th May 2018

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