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When you retire, you don\'t get a day off!

Listening to Radio 2 the other morning - you know Chris Evans, that highly paid Radio 2 chap - and Len Goodman from Strictly was being interviewed. It went a little like this:

“I thought you’d retired, Len?”

Len responded, “Retired! Why would I retire? You never get a day off!”

I thought that was quite profound and it made me chuckle on the way into work.

It’s one of the biggest buzzes I get talking to the youth of today about pensions and retirement (sad I know!). It’s nice to see the lightbulb moment, or the pennies dropping, and the understanding that this is something they need to engage with now and not when they get to 40 and beyond. I’m lucky, admittedly, not as lucky as Len Goodman and Chris Evans, but lucky in regard to the fact I’m from a generation of people railroaded into a final salary pension scheme with, at the time, very little understanding.

Sadly the cynical youth of today are railroaded into an Auto Enrolment pension scheme that they don’t want, don’t understand and begrudge paying into, but you know you’ve got to start somewhere, because Lens right; in retirement you don’t get a day off and that sounds expensive to me!

I know you have to pay into pensions but why not allow your staff to understand the importance of being engaged with this employee benefit? Add a little pension education... it’s what we do! 

By Simon Boardman - Employee Benefit Consultant


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Publish date: 16th August 2017

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