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Time Flies ...


I’m at week 2960 of my life.

And I’m going to live until week 3973 according to:

If you do the math, it all becomes a bit scary!

It’s only a website of course and it doesn’t know about or consider my vegan diet and my 5am daily yoga sessions, so it can’t be right, but having a number is pretty chilling!

However regardless of that cheery website, people are generally living a lot longer and I get asked about the state pension a lot, whether its still going to be there when you reach the new state pension age? I don’t have a definitive answer, who does but it is moving further away all the time…….

Here is a little potted history:

1908 .. State pension commenced for people over age 70

1925… Move to age 65

1940…Reduced state pension age to 60 for women

1995…Proposal’s set out for women's state pension age to be equalised (following pressure from Europe) which commenced in 2010

2007…Proposals set out for rises in state pension age to 66 (commenced March 2019), 67, and then 68. Further increases beyond…….?

Born in 1945 life expectancy 63 for men and 67 for women.

Born in 2021 Life expectancy into your early 80’s and beyond.

So the simple message is don’t let your retirement age be dictated by the government of the day as It doesn’t really matter what week of your life you are on, get a handle on your retirement plans, and take control now, because it’ll be here before you know it.

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Publish date: 16th August 2021

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