The Masked Singer


The Masked Singer

Happy New Year

Or should it be ‘Here We Go Again’

I don’t know about you but if someone told me a year ago over the next 12 months I won’t be able to have a pint in my local, or more importantly give my loved ones a hug, (I think I’ve got that the right way around), well I simply wouldn’t have believed you, but here we are, it’s the norm!

Here’s a few things that seemed to have changed, I can’t remember the last time I took cash out of cash machine, I’m getting a bit blasé with contactless payments, going to the tip is now a trip out, and I’m now watching the Masked Singer!

However, here’s my point, albeit everything has changed, nothing has really changed. We are still out and about virtually and encouraging HR to try to get staff to contact us direct if they have queries, which I suppose is the main reason for my ramblings. Retirement planning is maybe not a priority but it can be a worry for some and its one of those things that can niggle, and especially at the moment niggles become worries which becomes stress, you know the deal.

So, if you would prefer your staff to contact us direct the contact points are below, if you would like us to block out a morning or afternoon let us know and we will facilitate via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

I know you have other priorities now but just take a few minutes to send out our details:

Pension, Mortgage*, retirement planning and investment planning

07768 820014

*Please Note : A mortgage is secured against your home.

Publish date: 26th January 2021

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