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Strange Times, Green Shoots & Long Hair...


If you are not working from home you are maybe sat in a very empty office, like me, talking to yourself and passing the time of day. Strange times indeed but maybe some of the changes are here to stay, as companies revisit their large offices and consider the need for the large expensive spaces.

I feel green shoots are trying to come through but the saying ‘three steps forward and two steps back’ springs to mind, as politicians jostle for positions and generally shoot themselves in the foot.

For most, perhaps the subject of pensions and retirement is the last thing on your mind but you will all be aware of the stock market volatility over the last few months and this has been the subject of a lot of the conversations I have been having with clients.

The change for us has been the use of Microsoft Teams or Zoom and using the (initially uncomfortable) medium of video which of course is optional, but very helpful because we can share screens and discuss all your numbers, and you can see the changes. So for those of you that would like a chat, drop me an email and we can set up a meeting Please take advantage of me, but excuse the shaggy dog look…

Publish date: 24th June 2020

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