Pensions, Investments and Covid 19


Having all sat around now in lockdown for 3 weeks or more, whether you are retired or a long way from retirement, we inevitably take a sneak peek at our pension and investment values. We know it won’t be good news but it’s just one of those don’t look at the car crash type things. We know we should not because we won’t like what we see, remember above everything else, it’s important to keep your eye on the long game.

Here are a few nuggets from fund managers who are doing regular updates out there:

1 - For the coming weeks valuations will remain unpredictable and need to be regarded as much on hold as our daily lives

2 - When we come out on the other side, the recovery potential over a brief period of time is immense

3 - What remains uncertain for a while is not the ‘will it?’ but the ‘when will it?’ – we have had virus pandemics before and while the world has never quite reacted quite like this, we have always come out on the other side.

Beware of the urge to ‘do something’

Market timing has proved to be the single biggest destroyer of value for retail investors

Don’t react, speak to someone if you have question. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we can take the emotion out of your decision and hopefully the logic that remains will confirm the best course of action.

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*The information contained within the above is for information purposes and does not constitute advise and if you do not understand any of its’ contents, please seek professional advice.

Publish date: 17th April 2020

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