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I’ve been out and about over the last few months so It’s a while since I put pen to paper! So here goes. I attended a presentation from one of the many companies that vie for business from us and he used a throw away statement on one of his slides which was the top three things that people worry about:

Health, wealth and family

Makes sense, I’m sure you have others in the top three so it’s a little subjective, but I’d never really thought about it too much, according to my wife I don’t have a heart!

It’s all linked in some way shape or form, but other than the finance part what’s the rest got to do with us advisers, and do you know it wasn’t until I saw the slide that I put it together.

You know we do pension surgeries, I bang on about it all the time, and I’ve had a couple of meetings recently where I’ve met staff, simplified the ridiculous paperwork from pension companies and released the stress it seems to provide through misunderstanding. I know this impacts on peoples’ lives

Ok I know it’s a leap linking my simple one to one meetings with staff is a solve all but in this time of stress from work, family and finance surely a little simplification eases the strain.

Health and well being is a HR Buzzword these days. I’ve seen the impact of misunderstanding so get us along to have a chat with your staff - it works.

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Publish date: 18th December 2019

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