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Financial Wellbeing – will your staff experience the lightbulb moment?

It has been a while since I last put pen to paper venting my angst about the pension world. I don’t think much has happened since, has it?

Brexit seems to have diverted the government away from pensions for a while.

So, we are now seeing companies in the secondary auto-enrolment market, meaning they auto-enrolled (AE) over the last few years and aren’t particularly happy with what they have. Don’t get me wrong, some companies have ticked the boxes for AE and that’s good enough but there is a definite education gap.

That’s just because pensions get a bad rap.

As a company and certainly part of my role is providing pension education to staff. Sounds fancy, it’s not, it’s just nice to see an employee wander into the meeting with very little understanding or perhaps a negative perception of the subject and suddenly see the light bulb come on! It’s probably the most satisfying part of the job.

These days it’s more trendy to call what I do ‘Financial Wellbeing’ which is group presentations and one-to-ones talking about pensions, mortgages and everything in between.

So, how about it? A bit of staff education?

The presentations last about 30 minutes long and we of course bespoke to your company’s employee benefits.

Staff education goes a long way and it’s nice to see the light bulb moment.

Give Ethos a call. We can even attach leather elbow patches to our jackets.


By Simon Boardman.



Publish date: 3rd July 2019

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