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Are you financially fit?

Getting fit is different for all of us. Some people religiously go to the gym five times a week for a Spartan-like workout and it’s still not enough for them, whilst others feel great from just walking the dog. We all have different goals and our financial goals are no different. The good news for you is that just like getting into shape you can always assess and evaluate your financial fitness and take the necessary actions to improve it.


Being physically fit requires a balance of healthy diet and exercise. When it comes to personal finance, balance is absolutely crucial too.  A balanced budget will include income and outgoings working efficiently for maximum financial outcomes.

Saving and Spending

Saving and spending are very much like going to the gym. It takes discipline, willpower and dedication to get in shape, whether that’s beginning to acknowledge your lavish lifestyle or clearing debt from excessive spending. Once you’ve achieved a healthier relationship with money you’ll be much ‘leaner’ and now ready to start saving. Think of debt as putting on weight, which at the time tasted great, but you now probably regret! Saving can be viewed as building muscle which will make you much stronger, in the pocket! Excessive spending and debt is easy to put on, but much slower to take off, often like that late night chocolate bar!

Financial fitness is strongly linked to reducing spending and increase savings. Much like visiting the gym it may require you to leave your comfort zone for the short-term in order to spend the long-term living comfortably.


What you consider as being in shape can change from when you were 18 to reaching 40 and onwards. Our investments in life and our priorities also change. Our appetite for risk and security also vary at different stages in our life. If we can make the right investments throughout life we can become more comfortable and increase our overall knowledge of money and financial acumen also. A strategic mix of investments that can be flexible as your circumstances change is also a key ingredient for success. Growing your money through investments will significantly boost your financial fitness.


Being financially fit when you finally leave work allows you to do all of those things that you’ve always wanted to do. By focusing on building strength and endurance in your financial muscles, you'll be strong enough to do what you want in retirement. Planning for your retirement is always the smart thing to do and just like good health, doesn’t just happen by chance.


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Publish date: 9th July 2018

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