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5 Famous Landlords – Can you guess their property?

Property investment requires capital, so it's no surprise a lot of celebrities look to get involved in property. Although it does seem to be a fashionable investment for many household names, many of these invest for different reasons. Here we take a look at why and where some celebrities actually invest in bricks and mortar.

The majority of celebrity landlords let out their houses with over 60% choosing this method. (Landlord News, 20th December 2015)

By profession, musicians are most likely to be the landlords with 31% coming from this background.(Landlord News, 20th December 2015)

Let's look at some of the most famous landlords.

Daniel Radcliffe

This property wizard has a multi-million pound property portfolio. Stretching from London to New York. The trans-Atlantic landlord rents out one of his New York apartments for $19k a month, but it's certainly not a cupboard under the stairs. The apartment is listed as having two bedrooms, two bathrooms in a building offering a gym and pool. (Metro, 15th October 2015)

Leonardo Di Caprio

Since 2014 the Oscar award winner has been renting out his 7,000 sq. ft. home in Palm Springs. The property comes furnished with a grand piano and a cocktail for anyone wanting to play the Great Gatsby. Included in the $4,500 night stay is spa facilities, a heated swimming pool and tennis courts. (CNN, 9th March 2016)

You can book a short stay in his Palm Springs estate here -

Richard Branson

Billionaire Branson owns Necker Island and for just under £33,000 a night you can call it your own. The island, situated in the Caribbean, sleeps a maximum of 34 people. In 1979 he bought the island for just £136,404 and now he rents it out at over £12 million a year. Branson initially invested £7.5million turning the uninhabited island into paradise. The island has plenty to offer, including private pools, tennis courts, two beaches with around 100 staff on hand to serve you. (Metro, 11th September 2017)

You can check out his private island here -

Robbie Fowler

Many Liverpool fans refer to Robbie Fowler as 'God', others call him their landlord. The scouse legend owns over 80 properties in the North West. Fowler got involved in properties from a young age when he got financial advice as a footballer. Most of the properties he now owns are terraced housing.  His reputation as a landlord with a large portfolio has led to Man City fans creating the chant "We all live in a Robbie Fowler house". He now offers his property expertise to others at his academy. (The Mirror, 18th October 2015)

You can sign up to his property academy here -

Kate Winslet

When Kate Winslet split with her ex-husband she decided to rent out their four bedroom and three bathroom home, in Chelsea, Manhattan.  The property which they originally bought for just under $5 million can be rented for a titanic price of $30,000 a month. For that price you can expect 13 ft. ceilings, 12 oversized windows and a 1,700 sq. terrace. (Fox News, 19th September 2012)


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Publish date: 22nd November 2017

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