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3 ways to spring clean your finances

Spring is well and truly in the air. Everything will shortly feel a little bit nicer than it did in the cold winter months. There is even hope of bright sunshine for at least a few days in a row!

Now can be a good time to take stock of your finances and review all of your outgoings, such as utility bills and general expenditure. Get your finances in order now, before Summer hits, so you can be out in the sun, confident your money matters are all in good order.

Make a note of your paperwork and dates

It’s important to know when personal agreements and contracts come to an end, on all things from a mobile phone to your gas supplier. Often, when you reach the end of a contract, and do nothing, the agreement can simple roll on, but charged at a significantly larger fee. Some media companies (no names of course!) are notorious for such a practice. Whether it’s on your phone, a calendar or a diary, make a note and plan to speak to your supplier at these crucial points. Even make a note of the conversations you are having to avoid any discrepancies should the need arise. Planning, in any aspect of life, is crucial. Financial planning can make everything else in your life that little bit easier.

Are you still using the gym membership you paid for in January? Use it or cancel it.

For many of us our new years' resolutions are a thing of the past. That’s fine, we’re not robots and we all have different priorities. If you signed up for a gym in January and have been only a handful of times, if at all, then is this simply money you are throwing way? If you feel you are getting good value from your gym, then congratulations, it’s clearly working for you. But when you are paying for a gym membership and have only ever stepped foot in the gym for your induction, there might be a more cost-effective way to get some exercise.

Speak to an expert

If, like many people, you weren’t taught about money at school, or at a young age, learning about money and finances is an incredibly valuable skill for life. Speaking to an expert regarding pensions, investments and wealth management can shine a light on matters that may have seemed alien to you, until now.

Investing in some sort of help with your finances, and investing in your knowledge of finances, may have an almost immeasurable impact. When you don’t know how to drive you speak to a driving instructor. When you don’t understand matters relating to personal finance, or even business finances, why would you not also talk to a qualified expert?

If you would like to discuss personal finance, with no obligation or any aspect of financial planning,  please get in touch with us on 01302 244 977.

Publish date: 21st March 2018

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