A letter with the date of your death

Imagine receiving a letter at some point in your life which gave you a date and the time of your death. Sad, I know, but we had a 10-minute discussion in the office about it the other day and it raised a few eyebrows.

Would you live your life differently? I’m sure you would, but why?

People tend to be pretty rubbish at future planning. I know this as I talk to people every day about the exciting world of pensions and life insurance and generally it's not engaging because you think you will live forever, so why bother planning for the future? You’ll get around to it, I know you will!

The game changers in life are kids, illness and death. Two out of the three we’d rather not discuss or plan for, it just happens sometimes, but boy does it change your view on things!

So, what’s my point? Well open your envelope and if it says you are going to live to a ripe old age, then put a few plans in place e.g. a bit more pension planning, perhaps a Will, you know the deal.

But as the envelope is only a figment of my imagination, do all of the above anyway, we’ll happily give you a steer, it’s what we do.

By Simon Boardman - Employee Benefit Consultant

Publish date: 9th September 2019

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