Moving Home

If you’re a homeowner who is planning to move house, you’ll need to settle the mortgage on your existing home and arrange a mortgage for the next property you’re buying.
You might be able to port your existing mortgage deal to your new property – it might be more cost effective if you’re subject to early repayment fees. However, porting a mortgage isn’t always straightforward; you'll effectively have to re-apply for the mortgage, so the lender will need to see your bank statements, as well as proof of income, again.
What’s more, while your circumstances might not have changed, your mortgage provider’s lending criteria might have got stricter, meaning you might not be eligible to borrow as much and port your mortgage.
If you’re planning on moving soon, move up the property ladder with the right mortgage for your next home and contact Mark Gilruth today on 01302 244 977.
As a mortgage is secured against your home, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up the mortgage repayments.
A buy to let mortgage will be secured against your property.
  • First Time Buyers
  • using a Help To Buy scheme
  • Self Employed
  • Moving home
  • remortgaging
  • Buying to let

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